At GATL, we recognize the constant changing of political, social, and economical environments, and meet these demands by identifying unique innovative solutions and adapting to necessary amendments.

While working towards progress we heavily emphasize on measures to protecting the environment. There is no limit to the heights one can achieve when team efforts are directed in the right direction. We believe in having a moral obligation to our fellow beings and our nation, that whatever we do should benefit our world and future generations. Leading the industry by example, GATL has demonstrated and continues to promote green-focused solutions within the following areas of the company:






Reducing GATL’s Carbon Footprint

GATL proudly pledges to attain net-zero emissions by 2050. GATL’s ongoing efforts to innovate emissions reduction technology has made them a recognized industry leader for climate action. Some of GATL’s more notable greening of operations measures include: 

  1. Installing Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System on all heavy machinery. This system splits water into Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules. A small amount of these gases flow through the air intake of internal combustion engines. Hydrogen burns 10 times faster than diesel and acts as accelerant causing fuel to burn faster, cleaner and more completely. This results in 3% more power, 10-20% reduction in Fuel consumption and greenhouse gases, 48% less NOx and a 2/3 reduction in diesel particulates, DPF regeneration cycles and cleaning.
  2. Purchasing of all new state of art machines that exceed emission requirements.
  3. Lighting in GATL’s yard has been updated to LED lights from incandescent lamps to reduce their carbon footprint.
  4. All conveyor systems, vacuum systems, and welding sets are electric driven; GATL always chooses electric over gas operated machinery when available.  
  5. All used batteries are properly recycled.
  6. All waste oil is sent for recycling.
  7. All paper waste is recycled.
  8. GATL’s goal is to attain net zero by 2022.